Thursday, November 13, 2008


Pot painting is a creative work in which you can make an ordinary earthern pot to a real attractive one and it can be a real good decorative piece for your home.Here I have put some of my pot paintings.See them and tell your comments.

  • By using M-Seal you can make a embossed image on your pot
  • M-Seal is just like a clay,you can shape it as you want and fix it on the pot.
  • You can use fevicol to fix it if you want.
  • Colour it after it has completely dried and become hard.
  • Here I have made rose and have given it a bright light colour to contrast it with the black background.
  • You can try it as you want and COLOUR UR IMAGINATION!!!!

  • To do pot painting using Fevicryl colours,all you have to do is first dip the pot in water for whole night.So that it will not absorb more paint.
  • Then paint the pot with premier white cement which you can get in any hardware shop.
  • Then start painting your pot as you like.

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dokka srinivasu said...

Great work on pot. Excellent and very creative.

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