Saturday, April 2, 2016


Books Books Books . . . I have always enjoyed reading books. And that's one of the reasons which got me into blogging as well. When I read books, I get connected to it and completely get into a whole new world. 

When I was in school, I used to enjoy reading TinTin, Nancy Drew, Amar Chithra Katha and lot of comics. And as I grew my interest changed to specific authors like Jane Austen, Jeffery Archer and Sherlock Holmes. 
So I feel that the liking towards the writing changes but always the love of reading books remains the same.

It's important to cultivate reading habits in our kids as well. I am happy that my daughter Ri enjoys reading like me. And yes we are surely in a lucky era where we have got so many publishers and writers that you just have to go and pick up the book you want. 

Doodle for B - BOOKS : 
Here I have drawn me along with a pool of books in the shelf. I guess the 'me' in the picture will take her own sweet time to go through all the books. So let's leave the 'me' in the picture with her book time and let us all keep blogging.

Happy blogging,


Rajlakshmi said...

I love reading books and carry one with me all the time :D Happy to meet another book lover :)

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Pam's Unconventional Alliance Team
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Ikshaa said...

That's great! Good to meet like minded people here :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Books are great! And there are so many of them. Big ones and small, pretty and ugly, interesting and boring, dangerous and tamed, ... Happy reading!

Unknown said...

And I love the fact that we both bonded over our daughters' mutual love for books and libraries!
Yellow Mellow Life

Ikshaa said...

Yes Clao,there are a bunch of different books to read.
Happy reading to u too.

Ikshaa said...

So very true Bhawna...luv this bond through books.