Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Building the parenting tower....

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"We become what we think about"

Recently I was reading the book "the one minute mother" by spencer Johnson and the above sentence is from the book.It's a parenting book highlighting three techniques that we can follow as a parent(be a mother or a father). I know as readers u might wonder how is it possible to understand parenting by reading a book,as it's a bond which can only be felt and experienced. But yes this book did help me to widen my thoughts and organise the parenting blocks in my mind.

 Going through the sentence again from the book "we become what we think about". It's a simple sentence but holds so much within it. It's so important to make our kids realise that first we have to aim for it to shoot at it. It's such a simple logic,which we adults too have to follow. To work towards something you should know what's that something. One of the techniques that the author wants us parents to teach our kids is the importance of having goals.
I know to make them understand about goals and stick to that is not going to happen in a day. It's a slow and continuous process of making them realise it. May be initially we have to invest a little time in them for making them realise their goals . But surely the results will be great.

I have often come across parents telling ,"we have caught our kid doing something wrong today".But here the author has put a beautiful phrase - " catch them doing something right". Their is so much positivity in that sentence....don't you agree with me?
Its so important as parents to make our children feel positive and happy about themselves.  Because if they feel good about themselves then they perform well too. It implies to us adults also,we are
confident and perform well when we are happy with ourselves.

I know there cannot be a defined set of rules to be followed for parenting , but yes this book can surely be an important block in building the parenting tower.

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