Friday, February 26, 2016

Learning Science through magnets

As National Science Day is coming on  28th February ....learn to do a simple experiment with magnet. This post is already published in Indian Moms Connect community

Things required:

2)rectangular black chart paper
4)car cutouts
5)paper clips

Method :

1) Take a rectangular black chart paper and draw smal lines in the middle to make it look like a road.

2) Take any colour chart paper and draw a car and cut it as shown in the picture .Make sure you have an extra small slit of paper below the car tyres to attach the paper clips.

3) Now hold the black chart paper ( road ) and keep the car above the black chart paper. And hold the magnet exactly below the black chart where you have placed the car and move the magnet....

4) You can see the car moving above along with the magnet which is below the black chart paper.

Learning through this experiment :

Magnet attracts metals. The metal here is the paper clip,which moves along with the magnet .

Now, tell your kids to hold a magnet and go around the house and find out what all the magnet attracts.
Remember, that science is everywhere. It is for us to teach our kids to discover the little nuances of science in every corner of their everyday life!

Happy National Science Day!

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