Friday, March 18, 2016

Soccer Sami and the Big Meanie Coach

 The book "Soccer Sami and the Big Meanie Coach" is by Stooart a commercial artist and author. I got this book in a book giveaway contest and happy to write a review as well.

So What is the book all about?
The book revolves around Sami, the hippo who loves to play soccer. Eventually she happens to join a soccer team which is coached by a very mean coach and Sami is made to wait for her turn to play. Sami being a very positive girl waits patiently for her turn to come. But she soon realises her dream fading away.
So does Sami really gets a chance to play? Does she fulfil her dream ? It is for you to read and find out..

Something interesting which got me into the book was the illustrations. Stooart who is also the illustrator of the book has portrayed the character of Sami beautifully. Sami who is shown as a cute,friendly, sporty hippo is easy to be connected as the main character of the book.

The moral inside:
The author has a beautiful way of telling it "Do what you love, Love what you do".
It's important to make our children realize that winning isn't everything. Sportsmanship, teamwork is all that is more important and goes a long way in fulfilling their dreams.
So Sami is surely here to stay with her sporty and ready-to-go attitude. Happy reading!!

You can buy the e-book or the paperback of the book by clicking in the following link: Soccer Sami

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