Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Puzzling Tour of India

A Puzzling Tour Of India is by Yali Books. Yali Books is an independent publisher, a venture by Kala and Ambika Sambasivan. Their books focuses on the South Asian cultures.

About the Book
The book ' A Puzzling Tour Of India ' is an activity book with all about India, as the title suggests. They have activities like mazes, spot the difference, puzzles and lot more inside the book. The book is mainly for kids above 6 years.

So what is it different from the other activity books???
The difference from the other books is that each activity in it also has a concept to teach along with it. Like the cover page of the book showing a maze activity inside the India map. Than showing kids just the India map, a maze inside - along with the map surely makes it a lot more interesting. Like that there are so many concepts to learn from the activities inside the book. From finding a way out through the folds of the "Rajasthani - leheriya pagadi " to finding the objects in "Chor Bazaar" of Mumbai . It makes concepts about India much more interesting with the activities.

The book also comes along with answers behind the book, which may used or not makes it easier to check.
So looking for a book to teach about India , this book should be a good buy.

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